Thursday, September 24, 2009

09.24.09: jack and the b.east

what a great night! delicious dinner at jack's to b.east.

"no mas paparrazo!"

yeah, we're facebook friends! good looking.

just marry me already! brett me?

i so go moist for tommy and not because i got some fancy cashmere sweater i'll be supporting this fall.

she's fabulous~!

cha cha cha! is horacio cheating on me with cha cha cha handsome? i'll cut him!

the gays never learn. mother, can i play with danger?


patrick bateman is that chu?

call me cray cray, but i went moist with that thrusting action.

clams to perfection like teenage lover. (over 18 please)

he doesn't wear, owns 1 underwear, i wanted to pretend i dropped my napkin to sniff it. pervert! you cray cray sniffer.

moist like the clams he cooked. moist!

his cock must be ginormous but he's sagittarius and same birthday as farmer's. it's not going to work out outside the bedroom. i'm a size queen.

i'll be his amanda anytime.

"but i'm the amanda!"

"please be gentle when you chop me up, i'm a virgin."

larry, i'm on to you!

it started with this and night was all about kissing.

hot bitch! love polina!

the cutest bunny!

"grandma, did you fall sleep again?"

raise the roof white boy!

i love when prabalina laughs like that.


"oh snap! she didn't!"

i just know so, emma is cheating on me with angelina. i'm sharpening my scissors.

i've been in love with shawesome since mid 2000.

my date is killing me.

it's the hotness corner! hot! smoking hot!


"i mean... desperate much, hanuk?"

"didi, no!"

oh ervel!

don't mind her. she's exercising. or is she possessed again and horacio is "exorcisting" her? linda blair is that chu?

emma's my lesbian lover.

"i didn't make it. bo bo bo...."

yeah bitches, i kissed a hottie and i liked it. wait, george?

just marry me already!

bow timo! bow tie! i need timo bow ties!

just meriam already.

i love seeing young kids having raging time. ah, youth.

"no picture bitch!" good night handsome jack and thank you for my amanda bracelet and not chopping me up. 'til next time!

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