Wednesday, September 23, 2009

09.23.09: lunch with jason frank rothenberg, zillion dollar chicken

lunch with the cutest jason frank rothenberg to my sister victor's "zillion dollar" whole roast chicken.

i wonder if we ate that cow.

my sister's dainty. only "ate" strawberry shake.

then there's me. i ate chicken wings for like 4 people and fried pickles, delicious! with martini, keep'em coming!

bumping into lovely surprise on a humid but kind of sexy day like cragilator! caliente!

beautiful today, the clouds and all that jazz.

my sister victor's world famous zillion dollar whole roasted chicken. yum!

it's her new look for fall. i think she looks like one of the character from "children of the corn (1984)."

"girls, even when i start showing, i think i can camouflage it with this annorak. one time i go off pills and look what happened. that hot bastard! call me?"

i wondered and almost wanted to sniff which hunk wore this shorts. i'm so gross! yet i'm sure a lot of you thought the same. you sniffers!

italian vogue was too thick. i flipped it to the middle and am going to finish it later when i visit my sister again.

"your zillion dollar whole roasted chicken is everything! thank you!"

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