Sunday, September 20, 2009

09.20.09: apple picking

apple picking with matthew and milan! just like "gillian's island (1964)" 3 hour trip became 9!

i never saw white pumpkin before! in shock right now.... "i see white pumpkin!"

every time i see chicken hawks, i think about john weiss the chicken expert. marry me!

"look! milan is the sniffer machine!"

"ah so... i'm asian."

oh my god... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, i want to find a man who wears that trojan.

trust me. he was as delicious as a farm boy gets.

i must have misread the sign because i was making a list: 1. luke, 2., 3. jack, 4. ryan, 5. david, etc.

beautiful bridge erected like optimus prime's penis.

what a lovely day out in the country picking apples (why? just go to wholefoods, folks! haha, just kidding!). my booger is black.

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