Tuesday, September 15, 2009

09.15.09: vladimir

vladimir's richard hambleton opening (amazing!) to the after party at indochine. like last season, it was the best dance off! oh and i kissed narciso. love him.

do you see fabiola? fabulous!

aren't you dying? hotties!

tenzin! love the last magazine spread of my sister victor!

gq boys are so hot especially ted. i hope my date's not reading this. she'll cut me or fart on me.

skiiiiiiiiiiiiiny! most of the asians are so skinny, how the hell did i end up a fat one?

i almost wore that fabulous dress!

he said, "take another one. i think my eyes were closed."

he said "hello" to me like he knew me and i went moist.

i don't know if vladimir remembers but we met at kate young's for dinner like early 2000 something when he was going to nyu, i think.

who are you? send me a message please.

julia! wait 'til her dance off with natalie later at indochine!

she looks fabulous! i'm hooked and i only watched 2 episodes!

"kim" does exist!

years ago he took butt naked picture of my sister victor and said "you're next." i ran out of there. i'm a prude and not that kind of slut. but i would do him. do me?

i was, well my clothes were in purple magazine in '97! no joke.

i thought kate was pulling my leg (shoes) when she said he owns aldo.

matching white is so refreshing! tt!


ubw! hold up, lauren told me he's a director. maybe he'll direct me to his bedroom?

"melt in your mouth not in your hand!"


bumping into monica tonight is the highlight! pasta at your house soon?

omg, they've been cloned!

she's getting hotter every year!

moist! this is one to marry.

you saw him on ax billboards! my friend matthew shot most of them! underwear!

i am biggest fan of hilary duff and amanda bynes movies.

perez hilton! i almost asked if him and nicky's related. i become (?) an awkward retard when drunk.

narciso's after party at rose bar! treena with ruffian boys! they blog too i heard. competition! oh snap!

one word... wmm?

hot hot hot hot hot!

"holy jesus.... who invite you here? who invite hanuk here?"

i almost feel like there should have been confetti in this shot.

the hot ladies of pr consultant. where was sylvie?!!! i ran to see her and i didn't see her.

who doesn't love narciso. my first job interview as an assistant designer was with narciso at tse in the 90's! i didn't get it.

holler to hannah!

"why is david kissing me?"

"these crazy paparazzi's are killing me!"

he looks like he should be on the cover of fantastic man.

waiting to dance off at vladimir's after party at indochine!

we have a great picture together... trying to remember the date now. i'll post it.

"hanuk, mend my shirt for me?"

is mr. pallot cheating on me with emma? i'll cut her!

one halloween, he test drove a tight pimp versace outfit and i almost died at the bulge. i'm still blushing. i'm shy.

steven one time saw jude law and wished he was kissing him. i just know it!

jorge's hot! all this time when he said "kim" this "kim" that, i secretly wished he was talking about me.

there's nothing like going out and seeing people who really have fun. these two are crazy fun!

"geisha laugh! ho ho ho!"

"i will not just smelling your finger but lick it!" see, my sister is that kind of girl.

whaaaaaaa? whaaaaaa? whaaaaaaaaaa? why is magnus kissing another man? i'll cut him!

fantastic! fun and dance!

"if you see a drunk asian guy, just run... don't look back."

"hope" is such a genius name.

"holy cow! are you stalking me again? didn't i put a restriction order on your drunk korean ass?" "marry me?"

she's feeeeeeeling it! music was great!

i think jessica should dress up as sally from "the nightmare before christmas" for halloween.

smoking is still pretty chic.

jamie is doing this on purpose to drive me crazy! kiss me?

his hair is so major!

holler to the bow tie gang!

"you again?"

mama brian, casey and andreas in da house to increase the gay quota to hot straight boys in there. i was in heat.

everyone was dancing! it's amazing the floor didn't give in like my button on the waist. one day it just gave in and snapped off. poor thing. too much pressure.

"oh girl! that wrist thing a ma jig is so major!"

have you seen karla dance?

if he tried to hug me like that, his arms wouldn't go around like that.

raise the roof!

"oh, i think mama cut cheese!"

my sister's gone.

"you again?" (how come jamie makes that face every time he sees me? marry me?)

here we go! dance off begins!


raise the roof white boy! go white boy!

2 nights in a row! when i am leaving he's arriving! we both laughed! good night sweet leto!

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