Thursday, September 17, 2009

09.17.09: spin ping pong, b.east

who knew ping pong was so sexy at spin new york! then off to b.east where we haven't laughed like that in a long time.

people play ping pong in suits! ladies should go here to find some hot muffins!

"gasp! it's hermes picture card!"

hello? gossip girl!

in heels!

i tried my asian ping pong vagina trick and my ball shot deflated.

it's all about year book group pictures.

i was strangely aroused yet slightly scared. lumber jack american psycho?

who knew, he ping pongs.

who knew, even spider man ping pongs!

who knew my ass look so good in polka dot skirt! i'm hot!

"good god, i think hanuk's behind me and i'm sure he told all his friends."

"oh it's one of my designers!"

"haha my editor is so funny!"

" l'shanah tovah sweetie!"

"grr... i was drunk damnit!"

"ma'am, i am not drunk enough to make out with you yet."

francoise's hat of the season.


"i'm the prettiest of them all!" "what the!"

don't you love when b.east is so good and you see people you like? timo love!

"hanuk keeps saying 'wmm?' what does that mean? she cray cray?"

"she cray cray!"

japanese tourist!

"hanuk, i would like to present you this handsome man name pete."

"oh bitch, you stay away from my man. i'll cut you! or run you over with my benz!"

"that's way below the waist!" "oh my pee pee vagina!"

did you vote for david yassky?

"no body wants to sleep with me. someone just kill me now."

mike's playlist was good that night.

"umm, didn't it all began with this? i'm scared."

"have another drink? okay!"

"gasp! oldest trick in "the homo guide to successful straight boy seduction, volume 2!" 6 pack of beer trick! that's low."

"hehehe that's funny."

"why is shaun hugging someone else in front of me? pout!"

"yeah bitches! nails by koreans!"

"i hope no one smelled my fart. who's gonna fuck me now?"

"you will? ok. my taco's delicious after 3am. comfort munch."

"hmm... i found me a prey! i hope she no cray cray like that last one."

"bitch! i'm feeling it. nothing like disco!"

"why are they playing all these old ass music in this joint? disco? come on!"

they had smoke machine there?

"i'm kinda drunk and it's dark in here. is this a dude or a chick?"

me and stephen packaged in hermes!

"gasp, it's hermes! it's not just luxury, it's life style!"

"i hate when he plays with my hair like this." "chia pet!"

"oh girl, get yourself togayther! hot! say my name, say my name! joe? close enough!"

about her gender decision... ubw! boots!

"no one heard it. blame hanuk for the smell. you're safe."

"i think i was kissed by a boy (who smelled ass) and i didn't like it."

whoa! disco lights! jesus? ufo?

"bright light! don't go into the light! it's so cold!"

"we are going to do it!" gasp! gender bender decision!

"hanuk, i think your date is doing some mating decision dance and it's kinda scary."

my date is always looking for something on the floor. because one time she did xxxxxxx and found 20 dollar bill on the floor. wait, maybe i'm mixing up stories like bc. that i might have seen on crack whore special on hbo. it was way moving. i broke all my crack pipes afterwards.

"i went to a party last saturday night. i didn't get laid, i got in a fight. uh huh, it ain't no big thing... kiss me once, kiss me twice. c'mon pretty baby, kiss me deadly."

my dream came true! bow tie gang brad in antonio's jacket and me kissing shot! thank you jesus!

it's all about year book group pictures. class of way classy.

"gurl, do that dance move again! boots!"

"you bitches cray cray? cock's closing in 28 minutes! we better run! not ubw!"

"get out of my way! i got 27 minutes and 23 seconds left!"

"we'll slide in." "jazz fingers!"

stomp stomp stomp! nothing scary than horny gays trying to hit that bar before she closes and only choice you are left with is san loco.

gasp! the victim of the stomping. jesus, i pray.

"holy rats!" (folks, we made it!)

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