Thursday, September 10, 2009

09.10.09: antonio and prabal's presentations. fashion's night out

prabalina's really beautiful collection of dresses! then to my other sister antonio's impeccable suits and sweaters! oh and how can i forget fashion's night out where i debuted (?) as a stylist for theory along with twenty some really good looking people in fashion. my look was fierce. birthday dinner for my other wonderful sister camilla at lucky strike. congratulations to prabal and antonio! sending love to all my sisters, friends and fashion tonight.

next season perfect 10 inches!

i was feeling white pumps after labor day. quotes from one of my favorites, "serial mom"
[Juror #8 is talking on a payphone, when Beverly comes up behind her and grabs the phone from her]
Beverly Sutphin: You can't wear white after Labor Day!
Juror #8: That's not true anymore.
Beverly Sutphin: Yes it is! Didn't your mother tell you? Now you know.
She whacks her in the face with the phone]
Juror #8: No! Please! Fashion has changed!
Beverly Sutphin: No... it hasn't.
She hits her again]

a lot of hands moving really fast to make beautiful women even more beautiful! i love watching it.


elettra is electric in this sexy look. i'm going to wear the same look tomorrow. watch out fashion bitches, here comes me in this!

"hanuk really?"

lauren and derek, they must be like bff's forever!

just beautiful! amazingly draped like butter! really talented and i'm proud to be prabalina's didi.

there's always that jersey guy in the background in comme des garcons shirt try to be in the picture.

oh maggie! one day we drank since 4 and i passed out on her couch 'til 11pm and she said no one could wake me up.

yana love!

it's carolyn's favorite shirt!

one night we all hung out and danced like it was 1999! i wish i can remember the date.

david x... what a hottie!

i love seeing her. she's one of the chicest girls i see out.

i go lesbian for meredith!

why are you not asking me to marry you?

because of his video i bought miley cyrus' song from itunes. marry me?

this is a serious proposal. to hunka hunka burning love in red jacket... marry me?

"i'll take the younger son!"

every time i see tj i go moist and humid like new york in july.

they are getting married! congratulations! hot!

i was going to totally cut my hair like that! now i guess i can't. he beat me to me.

there are certain people you meet and just feel so comfortable would be these two. love.

i watched 2 episodes! and this is also a very serious proposal... marry me! we can double our bow tie collections!

"may i take your picture?" "if you ask me like that how can i say 'no'?" she's "fucking" genius. i just want to roll around on the floor.

look of love, eh?

mom is everything!

karla's my favorite martinez.

mama brian and shannon! she's my new hero.

can someone clone christian so he can marry me? i think he might be the only man who tells me how cute i am. go on!

bozhena is skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny!

"i personally want to apologize that i share the same last name as hanuk."

and you thought bruce was good looking, wait 'til you see his sister later on the day.

i love these two crazy bitches... "memsor, where's my muse bag?"


tanja is so calming... bumping into her is a treat.

"hanuk don't talk about other boys when you are in the presence of hotness skippy!"

zoolander morrison!

"yes, it is true. hanuk and i eat massive amount of asian food."

"holy cow! did someone cut cheese?"

"it wasn't me. i'm innocent."

"missla, ubw!"

prabalina red.

you know i'm loving the bows!

i said "blue!" prabalina corrected me, "it's cobalt!"

"date, i'm not pretending to be busy...i'm really hungry."

"hanuk, i know you cut the cheese. but your secret is safe with me."

working mom-chic in perfection tweed suit!

sisters all came out to support!

prabalina was graceful unlike when we devour food like construction workers in korean restaurant.

then off to see antonio's brilliant tailoring.

go try one on. you'll feel quality!

how cute is this girl?

brad in antonio's jacket! looks like million dollars and it costs slightly less than that.

cutey colleen from interview!

why is josh so cute? and since he has a broken foot he can't even run from me!

cator the flasher!

every time you buy antonio's clothes an angel gets his/her wings.

power lunch! space shuttle needs fuel and i need vodka.

call me crazy but rogan is totally seducing me, no? if that's not seduction i don't know what is.

i was at the met once (shocking!) and saw a chicest woman in black. i was obsessed with her look and followed her around the museum then realized it was ms goodman. thinking about it now, i sound creepy.

korean power!

adorable! i'm going to copy her look but instead, print out all the boys' names i love and put it all over me.

"you think i was seducing you? i was giving you confusion."

the hot sister!

god bless ms. wintour. she made all this happen. i never saw line like that at bergdorf's since my window display debut there in '97! (not really... it was during the snow blizzard of the decade and like 3 people saw it. they were really good. no joke!)

so sad that zutto on greenwich is closed. i'm still star struck.

god bless miuccia! who comes up with these? amazing, comical, brilliant store decoration.

where's waldo? where's my sister victor? (p.s. i told her to suck it in! suck it in!)

i told my sister victor "that lady with patrick was so pretty." her reply, "you're so stupid."

"why buy just 1 blanket on fashion's night out, when you can get 2?" virginia was moving those merchandises!

i died at mama hamish's singing ability. "don't put your daughter on the stage mrs. worthington!"

and there it was.... presenting me!

quite possibly the hottest couple in the city.

fierce! i'm season blind. everybody else was giving you fall looks and here i am looking spring.

melissa! made all this possible.

shh... i have man crush on mr. laforce. i swear if i wasn't sober i would have thought i imagined our brief kiss. gasp! "oh james!" 007 bitches!

that betty next to stephanie agrees... "so pretty!"

you guys must know my future husband brad by now.

fabulous down to crisp champagne glass.


we were just so happy that other bettys do this too! our sisters dress up just like them sometimes and do exactly the same thing. strike a pose!

marybeth's "tommy" dress was to die for!

how cute is that? tommy trying to do bunny ear!

"who let the dogs out! woof woof woof!"

i love beautiful woman with sparkling diamonds... and let me tell you, i could not stop staring at her ring all night. sparkles!

this is why you should never pick your nose (or pretend to). because i'm all eyes.

"hanuk, i know you did it!"

happy birthday sister! love you camilla!

who are the japanese tourists?

very risque shot! very...

congratulations prabalina! very proud of you!

and always graceful like a lady who still has her cherry intact for her wedding night.

butch girls! indigo girls?

"hmm.. kind of scared that hanuk's telling everyone i'm her boyfriend."

he got the fever? rice fever!

i mean if this is not love... i don't know what is. what the! where's his bow tie? is he cheating on me?

"casey! homo (?) 'jaws' to your right!"

"later bitches! i got to holler home and update my sinfully delicious!"

"hmm.... antonio grabbing my ass feels kind of goooooooooooooood."

"you go bitch! ubw! you brought it today lady! boots!"

reading his amazing review on by nicole!

good night ladies! hope you shopped 'til you dropped!

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