Friday, September 11, 2009

09.11.09: new york's finest popo

treena at ruffian! then to carlos miele/michael roberts party at porterhouse-loved! intimate and women with lots of diamonds and fancy dresses! to charlotte ronson djing where i was just so happy to see angelo. how can i forget...bumping into new york's finest popo in meatpacking!

eric's making face because my red helmut lang jacket from '96 is more fierce than hers! werk treena!

if you squint, they look like my sisters holly and victor.

how can i have crush on a married man? i am not that kind of girl...someone shoot me! or lisa just botox my unholy feelings! hot dress!


mine! mine! mine?

"oh hanuk! you have like 0.12% chance kissing jamie."

who knew...he is so cute!

fabulous! for a moment i thought it was sienna miller.

maybe if i change my name to "belle" i will be as cute as her?

he is genius! few minutes later the jacket came off and he cha cha-ed!

is that handsome peter using my move on hunter?

is that sexy zani using my move on a hottie from paper?

i almost kissed him on the cheek at lauren and andres' wedding. cutey pie.


who's the hottie giving me blue steel? email me?

ran to have a cocktail with fam at buddakan. that name cracks me up like bootycunt. (that is just so wrong.)

now i see why all the boys and ladies love this man.

american psycho! he said "exfoliate and moisturize."

always the cutest in the place is the dj.


i am the official photographer for korean events!


i know this betty! apparently from here i blacked out.

marry me? miele me! now i'm just delusional.

one in every flavor! united colors of benetton!

she's a model!

hair you can dry jesus with.

this old chanel ceramic watch?

perfect triangle!

love seeing these ladies out! lets converse!

december id magazine cover!

it's always the straight ones who rock my pants off. luke?

hey, it's the cutey from paper!

rag and bones! i can't stop giggling because i always think it's raging boners.

this guy must be a rock star.

this girl was just so pretty!

he's like hot scarecrow from wizard of oz.

maya's studded and dazzled wrist thing a ma jig is genius!

who are you? send me a message please. moist!

my night wouldn't be complete without a hot sizzling kiss from meredith!

she is giving me my favorite lolita pose again! suck and blow is a game!

"oh shit, hanuk's here and drunk! she's going to take billion pictures again!"

"confidence.. confidence dry and secure! raise your hand raise your hand... if you're sure!"

ltb is looking foxy! work the seduction pose! work it! own it!

tommy! it's been forever! foods deliver! beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

if you think tommy's cute, wait 'til you see his super model son! kids these days, start fashion so early.

"hmm.... my sister's going out of control. i better shove her in a cab before it's too late."

good night ladies!

the popo! the finest popo in new york! first time i saw him with prabalina! he's been "arresting" me in my dreams ever since.

next time i shall go a little higher! or lower. g'night new york's finest popo!

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