Saturday, September 26, 2009

09.26.09: ari seth

whole day spent with matthew edelstein. fun! manhattan to brooklyn to ari seth's birthday. happy birthday ari seth (even though we are not even facebook friends)!

"hanuk, why are these two smiling gays standing next to me. do something about this situation."

gasp, matthew eats asian!

it's givenchy or balmain. very chic.

happy birthday ari seth! just pretend that other asian betty is me.

"date, why you eyeing the blond boy like koreans to kimchee?"

who are you? send me a message please.

"oh my god! i almost wore your hoodie too!"

they are the cool kids.

what do you call a mexican between 2 asians?

"look! i ate my dinner. i'm skiiiiiiiiiiiiny."

prabal is feeling beyonce, i think.

"hmm.... if they start voguing, i have to go home."

emma and jeff are not convinced.

happy birthday ari seth! wish you had a wonderful birthgay!

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