Monday, September 7, 2009

09.07.09: RECAP 08.24.05! marky mark

i remember when i was going to parsons in new york, early 90's, that marky mark book (?) signing at barnes noble on the 8th st. then i was stuck saying "like a chicken." thinking about it, it's stupid but back then it was funny. this girl from school and i went to the book signing as a dare and there's a whole story to go with it. this book, in the storage somewhere, still makes me laugh. i was so in love then and hated kate moss for "nothing comes between me and my calvins" ad.

like you don't remember this book? there was a line along the 8th street like crazy. packed with teenage girls and west village, chelsea, oh from everythwhere homos. i remember "entertainment tonight" was filming the lin and i ducked. what a pussy! "to hanuk like a chicken marky mark." good times.

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