Saturday, September 12, 2009

09.12.09: victor's presentation

victor's sexiest collection by far! board shorts are everything! congratulations!

"why is creepy old dude taking my picture?"

i think he was 19. that's like half someone's age.

face of an angel body of a man?

i should have been a make up artist!

"say what?"

green bug board shorts really surfs. i'm sure he's brazilian.

do you feel kind of dirty looking at half naked boys half your age? i hope so. perverts!

i had to dress for victor once and i almost fainted in that room. overheated menopause style.

"look at that traffic. how the hell am i going to run to the next show?"

remember francois i shot for matthew edelstein's the contributing editor?

"make it look this big!"

i just die.

i mean, who's bringing sexy back? my sister victor!

she didn't yell at me once this season. shocker!

"dude, do you think we are getting sun tan right now?"

rory's has the hottest cousins on earth.

who are you (rory's cousin)? send me a message please and marry me.

she thought she was going to support double cardigan look. soon she was sweating and she looked like a zebra.

i thought you boys out there wanted to see some action shot. action shot.


sister camilla supporting!

isn't bruce totally a baldwin? he gives me toothache.

"vote bitches!" visit sinfully delicious sam's blog!

treena is mattress sandwiched!

this was the pretty girl corner.

i have crush on peter...but you know i fell in love his half brother topper like in 2005! "tree trunk hunk!"

magnus the last magazine is genius! it's so big he folds in half. ollie?!!

who's the chick in the middle supporting victor's ss '10? wait, that's bc. hot!

forever beautiful kate! we always dance like it's our high school prom together.

9! number (n)ine's allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! that's al folks!

they are italians.

skippy is really dashing! ysl safari jacket who!

is my date cheating on me with luscious hair rebecca? i'll cut her!

one time all he wore was yohji.

"hanuk, i don't think you as nude center fold for my magazine is a good idea." "but plus size model is making a comeback!"

becka love! my grandmother had a shawl just like that.

"oh god, this drunk asian bitch is going to ask me where's my nike in men's u.s. 8 again!"

ryan is so hot farmer here. do me! it's very impressive.

some call him matthew. i call him my bank of canada.

stephen makes the best date!

"firm handshake!"

one time at a band camp we did a shoot in the basement in 23 minutes.

"holler!" he always cracks me up.

when did jennifer go blond? i should go blond and we can be blond sisters! alice is my half sister by different mother?

i'm crashing her wedding! i'll be "the wedding crasher!"

mordechai talks really dirty when he thinks no one's around. it's like gay porn.

shannon is my new sugar mama! congratulations on your new venture as prabal gurung dress buyer!

kate makes most delicious meals. (hint!)

yeah, david's pretty hot. but have you seen his girlfriend? smoking!

"what? did you just talk about other hot girl in front of me? i'll cut you!"

the voice!

that's how cator keeps his moustache so crisp.

i tell you... memsor can take a candid shot!

they are really smart.

happy! how come i don't have philip crangi wedding ring?

sophie! we must resume our afternoon drinks! sequin queen sophie! beautiful.

love love love! more love!

"girl, when did you get those knockers?" "they are real bitch. i'm just surfing the crimson wave."

who's the hottest lady? it's barnaby!

ubw rebecca!

pete never put me on his site... i think it's because i'm too skinny.

did you know red heads are the rarest?

they just saw me drooling over a bulge and needed to put on my lobster bib.

now days photographers are so hot.

sexy back!

i still blush when i see naked boys. please be gentle. i'm a virgin.

i added him on facebook and i was flat out denied. i'm so over him. add me?

who knew, putting a sweat can be this hot.

"hmm... why is this creepy rice taking my picture again?"

maybe my sister antonio needs to borrow the bib too.

it's family shot! victor's mom julie is really the sweetest!

spot peter!

like you don't think about sex (or food) when you see him. hmm....

that is one good looking lady! hey lady!

do you know how many penis, i mean pennies, they need to cover the floor at the standard grill? i don't know.

dick tracy who?

bravo victor! woo hoo!

without julie we would be nothing. love you mom!

bumping into adam! mom?

who's the sexy lady showing it off like it's tres girlfriend! hot!

what? i don't know when/where this happened! please be gentle. i'm a virgin.

pete said i was in a rare form. wait 'til adorable chris' show in a few days!

we shook it out! love you victor!

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