Wednesday, September 16, 2009

09.16.09: proenza schouler

the last magazine party to proenza schouler party in between chowing down 'lil frankie's. gasp oink.

my sister victor in the latest the last magazine! run out and buy yo!

fb friend!

could you tell david i'm ready to change my last name to hanuk k. from hanuk f.?


gasp...old crush from the past!

i always break from peeing to take picture of hotness that is yigal!

label on the lens is the new trend. follow it on tweeter.

"oh bitch, remember that time when hanuk fart shart?"

just imagine how big his male member must be... drool!

"no, you cannot have this fine shirt!"

omg, i have seen him!

folks, unless you are natalie hot and skinnnnnnnnny do not try horizontal stripes!

hanuk berger?


what? all the hot kids were coming as i am leaving. as always!

what? all the hot kids were coming as i was leaving. as always!

i wonder if amy knows how hotness she is.


cutey pie!

"hanuk why are you lurking the bathroom floor to sneak peek at my gigantic member?"

we had our practices doing this since... forever.

hotness times 2!

who are you? send me a message please.

adorable! there's no i in threesome.

just love seeing japanese tourist.

yeah yeah yeah kate is a fox.

"omg, hanuk farted and he's bouncing off the wall like sharting balloon!"

adorable these two. i think they have been friends forever.

it's all about cuteness at the door. it's like reading a book.

we were marked to make out at the end of the night.

victor is not feeling lil' frankie's. she's so fussy when it comes to food and lenny.


kids, texting is cool.

gasp! bruce has been cloned! marry me!

alanis and cragilator!

what? lil' j, bruce is mine!


sniffing tie is the new thing. glue is so 1980's.

moustache is the new black.

light as air. or maybe cator's just hercules in disguise.

bottom's up! holler!

classy...i tell you. classy.

note to self: do not have crush on a married man. you go straight to a place under hell where they make you use dell!

he's grabbing it, right? it's big.

"just look at this face!"

"doh! is that hanuk kissing another straight boy?"

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